Lesley Boyd, Mike Ord, Cheryl Boettger, Anne Maule,
Linda Cornish

We can help you with a wide variety of upper limb problems, including:Boyd_Physio-76
  • Shoulder problems, for example : ‘frozen shoulder’, pain, rotator cuff injuries
  • Tennis elbow, Golfer’s elbow, tendonitis
  • Wrist injuries
  • Hand problems
  • Hand injuries

Your treatment will include several or all of the following, as appropriate:Boyd_Physio-71


  • A thorough examination of the affected area
  • Advice on movement, activity and pain management
  • Manual therapy
  • Electrotherapy
  • A personal exercise programme to improve mobility and strengthen the affected area


We also run a monthly hand clinic with orthopaedic hand consultant Professor David Warwick, who operates at the Spire and Nuffield hospitals in Southampton.

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