Physiotherapy with Mindfulness Therapist: Stuart Robertson

  • What does Physiotherapy with mindfulness offer?
    Gentle manual therapy to release tight muscles, soft tissues and joints
    A specific and individualised movement programme to improve function and pain
    A programme of relaxation, mindfulness and breathing exercises to help calm you and your nervous system
  • Who might benefit?
    Anyone experiencing pain, who may also suffer from any of the following:-
    Gastrointestinal issues
    High blood pressure or cardiovascular problems
    Respiratory or neurological disorders
    Problems sleeping
    Increased levels of stress or anxiety
  • Here are just some of the potential benefits you may experience:
    A reduction in your pain and a greater sense of control over your pain
    A greater feeling of all round wellbeing
    A greater freedom of movement
    An improved understanding of how your body works from the inside out, and the tools to keep improving moving into the future



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